Installation Status and Construction Skills of Doors and Windows

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Every owner needs to go through the process of installation of doors and windows. At present, there are many ways to install doors and windows in the industry. The specifications and advantages of various methods need to be noticed. We will discuss how to install and construct doors and windows together.
I. Present Situation of Door and Window Installation Industry
1. Imperfect Material for Installation of Doors and Windows
At present, there are seven or eight kinds of connectors in the installation of doors and windows according to their thickness and size. The elastic material of the door and window frame and the building structure seam is single, and only polyurethane foaming agent is not optional.
2. Strong and unreliable connection between doors and windows and main structure
At present, a large number of large doors and windows appear in the design. Wind pressure calculation and main force analysis of doors and windows only consider the stress of the doors and windows frame material, not consider whether the connection is firm and reliable. Only by obtaining the uniform quality stability safety factor of material and installation quality, can the overall safety be guaranteed. Installation of doors and windows involves the connection with different material walls. Different material walls need to be fixed with different installation matching materials. In the concrete installation construction, there are some defects, such as indistinguishable or difficult to distinguish the material wall, but the unified installation of supporting materials is used to fix, which has no pertinence and causes the fixing is not firm and so on. The fine stone concrete pouring under the window sill and door is often constructed after the window frame is installed. There are some problems, such as too large space at the reserved opening, too short installation components to be fixed or fixed iron parts at the end of civil plastering, that is, plastering cover, which leads to unstable installation.
3. Water Leakage in Installation of Doors and Windows
The cement mortar plastering around the door and window frames is not in place because of the blocking of the frame material or the removal of the pad at the end of the frame installation, resulting in hollow drum, cracks and other causes of wall leakage. Before filling the polyurethane foaming agent, the garbage in the crack was not cleaned up, the size of the crack was not uniform, there were more than 15 mm cracks without any other underpinning, the foaming agent was not checked after finishing, there were leaks, gaps and non-dense realizations, thus water leakage occurred.
The chemical properties of aluminium determine that the corrosion resistance of aluminium doors and windows must be considered. Civil construction, such as plastering and windowsill casting, is easy to damage the protective film and lead to corrosion and oxidation of aluminium materials after the installation of doors and windows frames. The civil engineering project has not been completed after the door and window frames are installed. In the follow-up civil construction process, the lower frame of doors and windows frame is also crushed or artificially trampled by heavy objects such as pick-up plate, which eventually leads to the damage of protective film and material deformation, which affect the installation quality of doors and windows.

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